Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kruger National Park Day 1

I write you now sitting on the veranda of our BD2V unit at Satara. Circle G number 168. We’re probably about 20 meters from the fence :D It’s very hot and humid. I am updating you on our day while I sip a Sarita and nibble on cheese and crackers!

We packed up the last few things this morning and departed from Marloth Park around 8.15am. It was drizzling again, as it had been for the last few days. We saw some guinea fowl crossing the road and few zebra, but that was about it in Marloth. The drive to Malelane gate was uneventful. We couldn’t go the Crocodile Bridge route as the river was flooded from all the rain.

We arrived at Malelane gate around 9.30am. EcoJunkie was working the gate so I had my first Forumite sighting. We had to wait on the bridge before we entered the park for about half an hour. Registering went well and was pretty quick. Although their card machines were not working for debit cards and they could only accept credit cards.

Our route was pretty straight without any detours today – we had a long day to get from Malelane Gate to Satara. We took the H3 to it’s junction with the H1-1 and continued on that until we got to Skukuza. We stopped at Skukuza for a quick rest stop and then carried on on the H1-2 until we got to Tshokwane where we stopped for lunch. I had a the kuduwors roll and Brian had the kuduwors, pap and sheba. We both really enjoyed our lunch. From Tshokwane we followed the H1-3 all the way to Satara.

Our sightings in order of seeing the first one were as follows: Kudu doe, impala, Chameleon (crossing the road), 2 White rhino fighting for territory, an elephant with tusks, 3 ground hornbills, a large warthog, lilac breasted roller, leopard tortoise (the first of 4 we helped get across the road safely), steenbok, a tiny baby terrapin, zebra, hippo (just the eyes and nostrils), grey heron, black stork, woolly-necked stork, marabou stork, water buck, egyptian geese, giraffe, hyena (only I saw this when I looked back and it loped across the road). From our deck we saw an Impala buck and a warthog, we’re hoping for more sightings tonight.

That’s our day for today. More tomorrow :)

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